February 26, 2019 meeting minutes



FEBRUARY 26, 2019



Bobby Babuca, Calvary AOG                                        Wes Beachy, Smithson Mennonite

Benji Bennett, Calvary AOG                                        Jon Bolllman, Cornerstone

Kevin Carter, New Beginnings Church                     Shari Gary, Trinity Wesleyan

Vince Parsons, United                                                   Travis Ridgeway, United

Bryce Timmons, Faith Baptist


Meeting started at 635pm with introductions of those in attendance and prayer by Shari Gary.

Discussion regarding league fee for 2019.  Treasurer Ralph Deneumoustier was unable to attend but provided Shari Gary with current league balance of $120 and request that an increase above the City of Dover fee would be needed for 2019.  Shari Gary made a motion to add $50 per team to city charge this year.  2nd by Travis Ridgeway and unanimously approved.  Travis will have City provide fee for a schedule consisting of 9, 10, 11 and 12 teams to give everyone an idea of what to expect.

Shari Gary read a letter submitted by Ralph Denemoustier nominating Joey Walker of Southside Baptist for the league Hall of Fame.  Bobby Babuca made a motion to induct Joey Walker into HOF, 2nd by Kevin Carter and unanimously approved.

Discussion opened for nominations for President.  Travis has had conversations with Herb Welday, 2018 vice president, during the off season and Herb has decided to not move up to President due to personal obligations and uncertainty of Cornerstone being in the league this year.  Their pastor had to step down for health reasons and there is some reassessment going on at Cornerstone.  Travis expressed willingness to continue as President.  Motion by Benji Bennett to re-elect Travis as President for 2019.  2nd by Bobby Babuca and unanimously approved.

Travis opened nominations for a new vice president .  Travis nominated Joey Walker.  Although not in attendance, he had expressed willingness to have name on any ballots that were brought up.  2nd by Bobby Babuca and unanimously approved.

Discussion about use of the pitching net.  Motion by Shari Gary to keep for 2019. 2nd by Kevin Carter and unanimously approved.

Discussion regarding 2019 schedule.  First games will be Monday May 6th.  Single games for teams on Monday, doubleheaders of Friday.  Makeup on the following Tuesday with one week notice.  No games on Friday July 5th.    Smithson Mennonite is from Preston area.  Wes Beachy asked if it would be possible for them to play doubleheader on Monday, doubleheader on Friday and then off the next Monday.  Travis will take this request to Steve Pickering at the City of Dover Parks office who makes the schedule.

Discussion about time limits and start times.  Games are scheduled every hour (630,730,830) but league rules state no new inning after 1 hour 10 minutes.  Should start times be 630 and 745 on Monday third game at 9pm on Friday?  Tabled for next meeting.

Discussion regarding bat rules.  If a bat is dual stamped (USAAA and ASA) then the bat will be allowed.  If there is no ASA stamp, it is not allowed.

Discussion of rosters and minor waivers.  Shari provided a copy to Smithson .  Travis reminded all coaches that rosters are due to the City Parks office at Schutte Park before the first game.  They can be turned in on May 6th before taking the field.

Next meeting schedule for Tuesday March 26th at 630pm at the Trinity Wesleyan Annex. Reminder that the team $100 commitment fee is due at this meeting.

Meeting closed with prayer by Jon Bollman at 735pm.


Respectfully submitted – Shari Gary