The KCCSL is formed to provide for a means of fellowship and evangelism between church organizations in the Dover area. It is to be remembered that Jesus Christ is to be the focus of our lives and in playing softball. In this league, we do so to glorify His name.


Organized church congregations in the Kent County area are welcome.


Play shall be governed as per the ASA rule book except as modified or changed and listed below.

1) Team members shall attend minimum two church services per month for the team that they play for.

  • a) Players can paly for only one KCCSL team per season
  • b) Any team that uses a player who played for another KCCSL team that season will forfeit game.

2) Rosters

  • a) Maximum of 40 players
  • b) Must be submitted to secretary at the April meeting before team will receive schedule, game balls, keys and scorebooks.
  • c) Players may be added or subtracted by June 1st by contacting the City of Dover Parks Department
  • d) Church pastor and manager must sign roster
  • e) Players must play in minimum of 4 games to be eligible for playoffs
  • f) Penalty for using ineligible player will result in forfeit of game

3) Both men and women are eligible to play

4) All teams shall keep accurate scorebooks during the game. Winning team managers are to call the league secretary with the scores within 24 hours of the game.

5) Games will start at 6:45pm, 7:45pm or 8:45pm as noted on schedule. There is no grace period for any game.

6) Slaughter run rules are used. Per ASA if a team is ahead by more than 20 runs after 4 innings, the game is over. Modified from ASA, if a team is ahead by more than 15 runs in the bottom of the 5th inning or 6th inning, the game is over.

7 ) Home team shall provide one new ball and one useable ball for the game. Home team of late game must be sure lights are shut off and locked.

8) No steel cleats will be allowed.

9)With the exception of weather, scheduled games cannot be postponed.

  • a) All rescheduling will be accomplished by the City of Dover Parks Department
  • b) Rain make-ups are to be scheduled on the first available date after the rain-out, with one weeks notice.
  • c) Once playoffs begin, all scheduled playoff games will be played, with no exceptions, except for inclement weather. Playoff format will be double elimination.
  • d) No games will be scheduled on Wednesdays unless agreed upon by participating teams or on holiday weekends (Friday through Monday).

11) Any player ejected from a game is suspended for the next scheduled game. Ejection of a coach or manager can be appealed to the executive board.

12)A $100 commitment fee must be paid at the March meeting to reserve a spot on the schedule.  Fee is non-refundable and will be applied to league fee for current season. Balance of league fee is due at April meeting before team will receive schedule, game balls, keys and scorebook.

13) Players must be at least 16 years of age prior to March 31st at start of current season. Players under age 18 must have written permission from their parent or guardian to play on a team.

14)Any protest is according to ASA rules. Protest must be made before teams leave the field. Umpire must sign scorebook of any protest. President should be notified that evening. Any protest must be written and submitted with a fee of $20. The fee will not be refunded if the protest is denied. All money forfeited will go to the league.

15) There is a time limit of one hour and fifteen minutes per regular season game from the first pitch IF 4 and ½ innings have been played. No new inning will begin after one hour and ten minutes, unless the game has a tie score.

  • a) Playoff games do not have a time limit.

16) There can be no changes to the by-laws after the March meeting until the end of the current season.

17)A team is allowed a maximum of 3 over-the-fence homeruns per game. Each homerun after 3 is a single.

18) Each team may designate 2 roster spots as Dual-League players. Dual-league players are defined as players who play in a concurrent season adult league governed by a sanctioning body such as ASA, USSSA (also known as U-trip), NSA< ISA or ISF.  Players over age 50 who play in the Kent County Senior League are exempt from dual-league status. The players listed must still meet all church attendance for weekly play and all game attendance requirements for playoff eligibility.

19) During Playoff games the home team is the highest remaining seed (no coin toss).  Highest seeds receive a bye as requested by bracket.

20) Per ASA rules, when a team plays with 9 players, the 10th position in the batting order is an automatic out.

Revised 2/18/16