Rainout Procedures 2020

Last update: 8/2/2020

Here is how rain-outs are handled.

If it is raining before 5:00 pm on a game day, the City of Dover makes the decision and will post a message on their rain hotline (736-7155). Please keep in mind, it might be raining where you are and not in Dover OR it might not be raining where you are and it is in Dover. Never assume a game is canceled – call hotline. Sometimes games may need to be canceled due to wet fields from rain earlier in the week.

If it does not start raining until after 5pm, and you are scheduled for an early game you will need to show up to the field. Coaches will make a decision at the field about the ability to play. If you are a late game you can check with the coaches from the early games to see if they are playing.

Make-up games will be scheduled by the City of Dover and updates will be posted to the KCCSL webpage as quickly as reasonable.